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First, a thesis statement: we would like this become immediate and direct. By instant, after all that it should appear within the first few sentences of one’s essay. Here, mcdougal does this: right away, she writes “I definitely concur that contemporary life now is easier than life before. ” Keep in mind, we don’t have to be very nuanced about any of it. Sas you’re very clear about not professional writers college papers spelling words for students throughout the book. Certain, you can believe it’s easier in certain methods and more difficult in others—but you’ll have actually a less strenuous time simply taking one position and sticking to it, as you don’t have a lot of time to compose this article! It might be a prettier essay if this writer eased into the subject by giving an example or a quote to begin with, but this works pretty much into the introduction. Within the last few post, we took a glance at a sample TOEFL article in line with the independent task prompt:Can you agree or disagree aided by the following declaration? Modern life is a lot easier than life previously. Make use of specific details and instances to guide your answer. Today, let’s dissect this essay. Specifically, we’ll be examining exactly what the author did really and points upon which the author could have improved. .

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